Ankle Pain Lessened With Braces, Supports - Products Get You Back on Your Feet

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Ankle Pain Lessened With Braces, Supports -  Products Get You Back on Your Feet Empty Ankle Pain Lessened With Braces, Supports - Products Get You Back on Your Feet

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Your feet are your foundation, bearing the weight of your body, step by step and pound by pound. Think of the times you’ve slipped, fallen or made an abrupt movement, such as when playing sports, and suffered a sprained or turned ankle. No wonder ankle pain is a common ailment.

Sprained ankles result in pain and swelling caused by stretching or tearing of ligaments connecting bone to bone. Strained ankles, by comparison, occur when muscles suddenly stretch or contract, leading to a tear in muscle or tendon. Fractured ankles are breaks in any of three bones comprising the ankle joint – the spot where the end of two leg bones -- the tibia and fibula -- meet the talus, a foot bone.

The R.I.C.E. treatment protocol – rest, ice, compression and elevation – can provide relief for mild to moderate ankle sprains or strains. In treating minor or major ankle pain, health care professionals also may recommend using ankle supports or wraps.

Core has developed a full line of products to support injured ankles, including the Latex-Free Pull-on Ankle Brace and the Lightweight Elastic Ankle Support, which fits under dress shoes. Core’s ankle supports treat sprains and strains, arthritis and unstable and weak ankles. The supports also provide preventative protection and help with rehabilitation.

For everyday use, consider using the PowerWrap Ankle Brace, which feature the exclusive Positive Tensioning System for a custom fit. The brace is easy and comfortable to wear with a soft fit over the Achilles tendon and a seamless bottom.

Each ankle support has a varying level of breathability, compression, flexibility and stability to match the condition and the lifestyle of the wearer.

Core’s products to alleviate or prevent ankle pain are manufactured in the company’s own facilities to ensure quality control. The high-quality products, designed in concert with health professionals, are tested thoroughly to give you an effective product at an affordable price.

For more information on Ankle Braces and Supports go to: Core Products

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