Burn Pain - Cleansing using Natures First Aid Kit

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Burn Pain - Cleansing using Natures First Aid Kit Empty Burn Pain - Cleansing using Natures First Aid Kit

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Tripping over the kids’ toys. Shaving too hastily in the morning. Greeting the kitchen cupboard with your knee… these are all instances where minor cuts and everyday scrapes can occur. No matter how superficial or small the wound is, there is no mistaking that it can sting and cause temporary discomfort! Usually, with a band-aid and cleansing solution handy, you are back to going about your everyday tasks in under a few minutes!

The Natural Way

There is a lot that can be done to naturally help keep minor cuts and scrapes cleansed – and also prevent them from occurring in the first place! Always wear protective clothing and/or gloves when gardening or when working with sharp tools or appliances. Be especially careful getting in and out of the tub or shower, especially if you are over fifty. Common dry skin can be rather delicate – so keep skin moisturized and use sunscreen to keep your skin in good condition.

Minor cuts and scrapes should be flushed with running water, then kept cleansed and dressed during the day, being allowed to breath, uncovered at night. Once a scab has formed, don’t pick it! Remember this is Nature’s way of giving you protection! Nature can also help to support healthy skin – as studies have documented. (Deters, A., Dauer, A., Schnetz, E., Fartasch, M., and Hensel, A. “High molecular compounds (polysaccharides and proanthocyanidins) from Hamamelis virginiana bark: influence on human skin keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation and influence on irritated skin”. Phytochemistry 2001;58(6):949-958.)( Hughes-Formella, B. J., Bohnsack, K., Rippke, F., Benner, G., Rudolph, M., Tausch, I., and Gassmueller, J. “Anti-inflammatory effect of hamamelis lotion in a UVB erythema test”. Dermatology 1998;196(3):316-322.)

What is Pure-Clenz Solution??

Pure-Clenz Solution? is nature’s first aid! Used for generations to cleanse common everyday cuts and scrapes, the ingredients of Pure-Clenz Solution are 100% safe and natural and have a long and well documented history of traditional use for cleansing the skin after minor cuts and scrapes.

Pure-Clenz Solution? works for the entire family, but is perfect for cleansing the skin after the inescapable bumps and scrapes that children are prone to receiving. Like all Native Remedies products, Pure-Clenz Solution has been developed with care by our practicing Clinical Psychologist and is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched and have been specially chosen for their high safety profile in natural family health.

How has Pure-Clenz Solution? helped others?

“Pure-Clenz Solution (and Pure-Heal Gel) are the mainstay of my medicine cabinet at home. Between my husband, a DIY enthusiast, our three children and me, we must use Pure-Clenz Solution at least once every week in our family. It is the only product that I ever use as it works fantastically. My children love it because it doesn’t sting… We always use your Pure-Heal gel afterwards and are thrilled with the way they work. ”

— Bianca, full time mom, MA

“My mother is getting on in years, and she has very thin skin - she just has to brush past the kitchen table, and she will cut herself. It has been an ongoing battle looking after these cuts and scrapes (and) ….. Pure-Clenz Solution has really helped her. ”

—Gail J, New York

“Thank you for your great products! I have just added Pure-Clenz Solution and Pure-Heal to my collection, and I am so impressed with the way that they work. Keep up with the great new products!”

—Ms. M Timballe

To learn more click here => Pure-Clenz Solution?

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