Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease By Looking After Your Diet And Eating The Right Foods

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Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease By Looking After Your Diet And Eating The Right Foods Empty Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease By Looking After Your Diet And Eating The Right Foods

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:22 pm

By: Tim Gorman

Heart disease is one of the biggest problems that is affecting our health today. Of course there are many different reasons why people get heart disease, but one that we can take care of, is our diet. Many doctors and dietitians believe that if you look after your diet and eat the right foods, it can have a beneficial effect on your heart and might reduce your risk of heart disease.

But it can be tough to eat well these days. Although there is always advice on TV that we should eat better, it is not always easy to eat well with the way that we live today. Most people work five days a week and there is not always time for a proper lunch. Then they rush home and are too tired to cook in the evening. This means that most people eat a lot of fast food and TV dinners, even though they have heard all the advice that they should be eating better.

But having a good diet does not mean a lot of preparation or hard work. In fact if you get it right then it can be just as easy to east well as it is to eat badly. But before you make any drastic changes to your diet, it is a good idea to see your doctor so that they can tell you what is best for you. Eating well is really a matter of commonsense.

If you eat a lot of fried foods and pre made meals then you know that you are not likely to be eating well. But if you eat a good amount of fresh fruit and vegetables and some whole grains, as well as some lean protein and you do not drink too much or smoke or eat a lot of sugary our fatty foods, then most people will know that they will have a reasonably good diet.

Many doctors also believe that eating some oily fish, such as salmon and some mono saturated oil, such as olive, can also be good for you and your heart. But if you want to know what is the best diet for you to help you to lessen your chances of heart disease, then it is best to ask your doctor or dietician. But if you have a good diet, don't smoke, then it can really help you to stay healthy and well.

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