What Every WOMAN Must Know About Heart Disease

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What Every WOMAN Must Know About Heart Disease Empty What Every WOMAN Must Know About Heart Disease

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If you are a man reading this, PLEASE be sure the women in your life read this page carefully ...

“Heart disease is a man’s disease.” Doctors believe it. Insurance companies believe it. The press believes it. The general public does too.

But don’t YOU believe it! The statistical truth is: MORE WOMEN DIE OF HEART DISEASE THAN MEN.

The evidence is shocking, but absolutely true. Even MOST doctors still don’t realize that heart disease kills more women than anything else. In fact, a woman’s risk can be even GREATER than a man’s! Consider these alarming statistics:

OVERWEIGHT: Being only 20 pounds overweight nearly doubles a womn’s risk of heart disease. This means those “few extra pounds” have far more serious cardiovascular implications for women than men.

Low HDL: A low level of HDL (the so-called “good” cholesterol) spells danger for women more so than for men. While the greater risk for men is a high level of LDL (the so-called “bad” cholesterol), women must pay closer attention to their HDL levels.

HIGH TRIGLYCERIDES: Different from cholesterol, triglycerides are the fats that deposit around your waist. They also build up in the blood and make your blood more prone to form plaque and block your arteries. High triglyceride levels are more dangerous for women than men. In fact, a diabetic woman with high triglycerides is 200 times more likely to develop heart disease than a non-diabetic woman with normal triglycerides.

DIABETES: While a man with diabetes runs a risk for heart disease two to three times above normal, women with diabetes run a much greater risk — five to seven times greater than normal.

WOMEN HOSPITALIZED for heart disease receive FEWER diagnostic tests and procedures than men. They also have a HIGHER rate of complications from surgical procedures like angioplasty.

Despite these facts, many doctors continue to believe that heart disease is a man’s disease. Tragically, for women, this misconception affects their medical diagnosis and treatment. Cardiologists often unintentionally misdiagnose, under-diagnose, and under-treat women with heart disease — often with catastrophic results.

Women pay dearly for this delay in diagnosis and treatment. Nearly TWICE as many women as men die soon after bypass surgery. Women also have HIGHER incidences of congestive heart failure, less symptomatic relief and greater emotional side effects and impairment after bypass surgery. For example, did you know ...

Cardiologists perform fewer cardiac catheterizations on women, despite a woman’s greater risk.

Women’s heart disease symptoms are far more likely than men’s to be attributed to psychiatric or emotional problems.

Even when a woman convinces her cardiologist to perform heart tests, most doctors are still more than TWICE as likely to deny that the woman has heart disease. Often even with the test results in front of them.

Finally: Cardiovascular research (such as the famous study that established that an aspirin a day might reduce heart attack risk) usually EXCLUDES women.

Little wonder, then, that in each of the past 10 years, more women have died of heart disease than men.

The statistics are so alarming; women need to take EXTRA precautions with regard to heart disease. Unfortunately, women seem to have been programmed by male-dominated culture to be even better at denial than men are. Often more women than men fail to notice or report their heart attacks.

With this new e-book as your guide, there’s no reason to dread this #1 killer anymore. You’ll discover that no matter how old you are, man or woman, and at what stage in your heart health — a stronger, healthier heart is easily within your reach.

Your health is your most prized possession. Without it you have NOTHING.

Please do not delay. You can live to a ripe old age, healthy and full of life. The choice is yours. Do not wait until a surgical bypass becomes the only choice. Order your e-book today under the terms of our 100% money-back guarantee.

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