Tennis Elbow - Why Does It Hurt So Much?

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Tennis Elbow - Why Does It Hurt So Much? Empty Tennis Elbow - Why Does It Hurt So Much?

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What Is Tennis Elbow And Why Does It Hurt So Much?

From: Geoff Hunt
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Tennis Elbow Survivor

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is an overuse injury that affects the tendon fibers that attach on the bony "prominence" on the outside of the elbow. It results from the repetitive irritation of the tendons of the forearm muscles, specifically the extensor carpi radialis brevis.

While you don't need to know the name of that muscle, what you must know is that there is A LOT of misinformation out there.

And that misinformation can not only keep you from ending the suffering of tennis elbow, but it can actually make your pain even worse.

In fact, a lot of doctors, physical therapists, and fitness experts will often tell you that, in the end, surgery is the only solution that will actually cure tennis elbow! That's absurd!

Am I saying that everything a doctor or therapist tells you is wrong? No, not at all. In fact, the cure I'm going to give you is modeled on some very common, tried-and-true practices that any competent medical expert would tell you right away.

For example, it is critical that everyone serious about curing their tennis elbow follow the R.I.C.E. principle: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate (specific details on this are outlined on page 15 of this treatment guide). Without following this fundamental rehabilitation strategy, you will not get better.

But Here's The Real "Secret" Behind The Cure I'm Giving You:

Let's say that someone got in a car accident and broke her arm. After the bone is healed and the cast has been removed, she'll have to go to a physical therapist who will help her re-strengthen her arm muscles so that she can use them in the same way she could before the accident.

And in order to rehabilitate those muscles, she has to use specific strengthening exercises that target the specific muscles that must be strengthened.

But like anything, it's a matter of knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it right.

So you might ask, "If this is the case, then why shouldn't I just go to a physical therapist?" The reason is simple. Most physical therapists don't specialize in treating tennis elbow. And take it from me, tennis elbow is not your typical injury. It requires a precise strategy... a precise treatment plan from day one until you finally cure it.

So Why Listen To Me? How Do I Have The Answer?

As a fitness trainer, I often am asked to help individuals with specific and unique conditions that make a typical gym routine out of the question. And even though each person's needs are different, the process I follow for developing their routine is always the same:

1. I start by testing out exercises that are considered "best practices" for any unique situation my client has.

2. I pay very close attention to what works and what doesn't, and then I make small adjustments and variations to make sure the specific muscles in need get the perfect workout without making my client's condition worse.

I am proud to say that I have never let a client down. And that's why I have received so many referrals over the years.

But here's what you must understand:

I can tell you from my 10+ years experience as a personal trainer, if you do the wrong exercises you can make a problem significantly worse.

So By Following This Same Rehabilitation Process, I Experimented On Myself Until I Was Able To Cure My Tennis Elbow Once And For All.

And Years Later, It's Never Returned...

Now, using the same exact exercises I developed and perfected on myself, I've now passed on these exercises to thousands of other (former) tennis elbow sufferers... and not one single person who followed my instructions has ever found anything but immediate relief... a relief many people thought would never come.

Now I'd like to give you this same relief to you.

Introducing Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed - The Only Treatment Plan That's Guaranteed To Give You Fast, Easy, And Permanent Relief From Tennis Elbow Without Expensive Drugs, Doctor Visits, Creams, Exercise Equipment Or Surgery.

Again, to learn more click here => Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed

If it hurts we can help!
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