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OxyFlex Comfort Cream


OxyFLEX's unique, natural-acting process has received a U.S. Patent based on over 22 years of clinical double blind placebo studies done by some of the most reputable research institutions in Europe and the U.S. Millions of dollars have been invested in this research and more will be in the future.


As Head Athletic Trainer for the Dallas Cowboys Football team I treat a variety of moderate to severe sports related injuries daily. These injuries range from muscle strains to ligament sprains and can keep a player out of action for several days.

We use OxyFLEX®️ for many of these injuries and are quite impressed with its natural pain relieving ability. Many of the players I care for are very enthusiastic and adamant about using OxyFLEX®️ to the point where several request we bring additional tubes when we travel to away games. With dozens of available products for pain relief OxyFLEX®️ is often requested and has been quite successful for our players.

I highly recommend OxyFLEX®️ Comfort Cream and am very pleased with the results we have seen with the Dallas Cowboys players. Thank you.

Jim Maurer, LAT, ATC - Head Athletic Trainer
Dallas Cowboys Football Club-Sports Medicine Dept


I do want you to know that for the last couple of months I have been using OxyFLEX®️ Comfort Cream on the days that I train hard. I use it at night when I have finished my training I find that it helps me with relieving any soreness I may have. I would recommend this to any athlete. I had also had my brother in law try on his neck he also is a golfer and he said within the first 30 minutes he could feel a difference.

Again, I will be using this while I am at Worlds and will let other athletes know about it. Thanks for all your support.

Debbie Lamarche - Team USA

I use OxyFLEX®️ Comfort Cream on all my patients in my office because it works!

I have noticed a difference in them during my palpation exams. I have had several patients ask me for more OxyFLEX®️ after the original tube has been used up and I have gotten new referrals from those patients, too. Thanks Paul.

Dr. Kevin J. Rodrigues, D.C., F.I.A.M.A.

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