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By Elizabeth Hayden

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Hayden, people call me Liz. I'm 51 years old and I'm considered a migraine expert by many people. That is because since I was about 30 years old I started suffering from constant, painful and recurring migraine headaches, without prior warning, just like that. So during all those years I tried literally everything, from expensive treatments, to the common pills and medications we all know. Nothing really solved the problem, I was so desperate. But then after many years of trying withotu success, I realize that the solution was not in taking pills forever almost daily, the solution was easy, find the real cause of the problem and attack it fromt he inside and outside. that's what I did, and it worked, and that's how The Migraine Relief was born.

But of course finding the solution to my problem was not an easy task, I have 2 sons, both of them adults already and a husband, I also have a day job as a business consultant in my home state of California. So you can imagine how was my daily life with migraines. All that stress and anxiety was overwhelming, the problem was getting worse. The thing is 5 years ago I was so decided on finding a real solution to my migraine problem that I started doing intensive and deep research on this topic, I visited all kind of experts, doctors, specialists, institutes and even universities. to be honest, I came across with a huge amount of misleading and inaccurate information.

What I did then? Keep researching, cleaning and filtering the information, experimenting with myself, every single day trying to find the blueprint to get rid of my migraines, one thing I knew, migraines cannot be cured, that's for sure, but I uderstood that if i was able to learn how to prevent them my life would improve dramatically for good; and that's what happened, that's why I decided to compile all the informtion, that's why I wrote The Migraine Relief guide.After I created this system I started helping many people with the same problem, family and friends first and then I was invited to speak at schools, institutes and universities, the results were fantastic, that was when I decided to make my guide available for everyone.

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