Are you suffering from carpal tunnel? Here's how to find out

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Are you suffering from carpal tunnel? Here's how to find out Empty Are you suffering from carpal tunnel? Here's how to find out

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:23 am

Are you unsure whether you are suffering from carpal tunnel? Well, let me give you a little insight on the tell tale signs of carpal tunnel and more
importantly the definitive symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Here goes...

Most frequent and common symptoms of carpal tunnel is a burning, tingling or numbing sensation in your hands and fingertips. Do you often wake at night with your fingers curled and stiff? That's another telltale sign and symptom. How often to you fumble or drop things things as you try to handle them? This is a result of the muscles in your hand shortening from repetitive movements and strain.

Do you have the grip strength of a 5 year old girl? If so, you most likely are suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome. Is buttoning up a shirt a major challenge for you? Are you all thumbs?

Don't despair, you're not alone...carpal tunnel affects millions of people a year and is the number one repetitive injury reported! The secret to success in beating and treating any injury is to avoid poor medical advice and to try to work around a part of the body that we depend and rely on so much.

I hope this puts to rest any doubts you had about whether you have carpal tunnel or not. When you are ready to get rid of it for good...I'm here to help!

To learn more go to Carpal Tunnel Secrets Revealed!

If it hurts we can help!
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