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Oxyflex Comfort Cream

After a very long day on the water fishing, I was completely exhausted and ending up sleeping wrong. I woke up with the worst neck pain that I've ever experienced and was scared that my vacation would be ruined.

I started taking over the counter pain relievers and they just didn't touch it. I then remembered that I packed my OxyFLEX®️. In no time at all, my neck felt much better and I had greater range of motion and was able to return to the water to catch the best fish of my life.

Brooke Pohlen - Iowa

As Head Athletic Trainer for the Dallas Cowboys Football team I treat a variety of moderate to severe sports related injuries daily. These injuries range from muscle strains to ligament sprains and can keep a player out of action for several days.

We use OxyFLEX®️ for many of these injuries and are quite impressed with its natural pain relieving ability. Many of the players I care for are very enthusiastic and adamant about using OxyFLEX®️ to the point where several request we bring additional tubes when we travel to away games. With dozens of available products for pain relief OxyFLEX®️ is often requested and has been quite successful for our players.

I highly recommend OxyFLEX®️ Comfort Cream and am very pleased with the results we have seen with the Dallas Cowboys players. Thank you.

Jim Maurer, LAT, ATC - Head Athletic Trainer

Dallas Cowboys Football Club-Sports Medicine Dept


I agreed to conduct a two week evaluation with our sports medicine staff in our five sports medicine clinics. Our Athletic Training Staff treated a variety of sports related musculoskeletal injuries including muscles and joints to the ankle, knee, shoulder and back.

Our sports medicine team was overwhelmingly impressed with the effectiveness of OxyFLEX®️ Comfort Cream in just the first week of our trial application and treatment. Our team was very impressed.

OxyFLEX®️ Comfort Cream does exactly what it says it will do and more!

I would encourage Athletic Trainers or an individual who has a need for a naturally acting anti-inflammatory and analgesic to try OxyFLEX®️ Comfort Cream. OxyFLEX®️ Comfort Cream works for us and I highly recommend it. Thank you for introducing OxyFLEX®️ to us.

Phil Francis - Head Athletic Trainer

Dallas Independent School District-Sports Medicine Dept

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