Acid Reflux - Watch these hidden sources of acid

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Acid Reflux - Watch these hidden sources of acid Empty Acid Reflux - Watch these hidden sources of acid

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Hi my friend,

Everyone has a purpose in life. And mine right now is to
educate people about the dangers of acidity in the body and
what being alkaline can do for you.

Having an acid pH puts your body in an inflamed state from
head to toe, where you become susceptible to sickness, you
can't effectively use vitamins and minerals and you become
an attractive breeding ground for many kinds of diseases as
well as obesity.

Far and away the single biggest acid creator in the body
is, of course, diet--eating acid-causing foods and mis-
combining foods. Great Taste No Pain can help you on that
front, but there are other hidden sources of acid too.

And being aware of them will help you avoid the additional
effects of these "thieves in the night."

Hidden Acid Sources

1) Smoking

Smoking is the most acid-forming, health destroying habit
you could possibly engage in.

What to do: If you're still a slave to cancer sticks and
can't seem to quit, here's a great behavior modification
program that will give you the mindset of a non-smoker and
make you put them down for good:
- Think Right Now!

2) Meat additives

Antibiotics and steroids are fed to animals that will
later be slaughtered. Pesticides are sprayed onto the
animals' food. Chickens are fed arsenic on many farms to
avoid a quick-spreading virus that kills chickens. Turkey
breasts are sometimes bleached to appease our preference
for white meat. And red meat is red because it's dyed with
a petroleum-based dye.

ALL of these chemicals are extremely acid-forming (not to
mention many are poisonous) and end up in the meat that
makes its way onto your table (and into your body).

What to do: Buy organic. Go to

3) Water additives

The chlorine added to drinking water turns to chloroform
in the body. Chloroform is used is dyes, pesticides and
refrigeration equipment, and has been classified as a
likely human carcinogen (cancer-causer).

And both the chlorine and fluoride added to water turn
this normally alkaline, health-enhancing drink into an acid-
forming beverage.

What to do: Drink filtered water. Whatever you can
afford will help--Brita filters, reverse osmosis, distilled
water or ionization will all help filter out the harmful
stuff and make your water more alkaline.

4) Dry cleaning chemicals

Carbon tetrachloride (the chemical used in dry cleaning)
enters the body through your pores and is very acid-forming.

What to do: Air out your dry cleaned clothes before you
wear them, or choose fabrics that can be machine washed.

5) Talcum powder

Talcum (silicon dioxide) often used in body powders is
very acid-forming. It enters the body through the pores,
rectum and vagina.

What to do: Substitute corn starch for talcum powder.

6) Aluminum

Aluminum is sometimes used as a clarifying agent in water
to make it sparkle. It's also used in the manufacture of
cookware, foil and anti-perspirant.

Aluminum is acid-forming and is linked with a number of
diseases, including brain dysfunctions such as Alzheimer's

What to do: See number 3) above about filtering water,
and use cast iron or stainless steel cookware.

Don't let hidden acids or your diet make you acidic for a
minute longer!

Watch out for the things I've mentioned above, and of
course, take the single biggest step in getting to an
alkaline pH--Great Taste No Pain.
- Great Taste No Pain

If it hurts we can help!
James Dean @ is the premier health & wellness company that provides a community where people can talk to each other about their pain and share ideas that help you relieve and eliminate your pain.


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